rules for growing cannabis

What Canadians Need To Know About Growing Cannabis In Their Home

How Many Plants Can You Legally Grow In Canada? To curtail the excesses that might arise due to the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, the Canadian government has established some laws that govern the growing and cultivation of Cannabis for home and commercials use. According to the Cannabis Act, each household (not person) has the […]

Treating Pain with Cannabis

Cannabis and Pain Management Explained

Pain is the body’s way of saying things are not right, and that it’s time to seek medical assistance. While pain can be treated using pharmaceutical drugs, many people are now turning to medical cannabis to ease chronic pain. Research has shown strong evidence that cannabis can be used to treat different kinds of symptoms […]

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety

Can Marijuana Help with Anxiety?

There has been a lot of discussion about weed and anxiety, and the most common question people ask is “Can weed help with anxiety?” The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Weed can cause anxiety for some, sending them spiralling into panic, paranoia and anxious thoughts. At the same time, many in the cannabis community […]

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