10mg CBD Isolate Tablets

(20 customer reviews)


10mg CBD Isolate Tablets


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(20 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the large quantity of 60, 10mg CBD Isolate tablets made from a local GMP Certified Vancouver Island farm and in an easy to take pill form!

CBD – 7.91mg
CBD – 10mg


(20) reviews for 10mg CBD Isolate Tablets


20 reviews for 10mg CBD Isolate Tablets

  1. shelll

    To begin with I’d like to say the customer service is excellent! I was trying to get some to try before a trip and shipping before the holidays was dicey and they got it to me! I’m going to order some more. They helped with some nausea and overall fatigue I’m dealing with.

  2. Dmoya

    Thanks to these plus the cape pen my wife doesn’t suffer from attacks of depression or anxiety attacks anymore. She also sleeps better and is more relaxed during the day, her mood is steady and good. Would recommend over anti-depressants any day.

  3. TMark1

    eems to help with anxiety and joint pain, Plan to continue to use this brand as it works better that two others I’ve tried.

  4. Danielle_Balog

    Easy to consume and the calming effects are legit. Shipping was very fast and it was easy to place my order. Will purchase from again.

  5. Mikeaych

    I signed up on this site just now just so I could review these worthless tablets

  6. stroggio

    These are microdose pills, and I’m glad they exist. I’m pretty sensitive to THC so having something precisely measured in a very low dose is invaluable, especially in most day to day situations where I don’t want to feel intoxicated.

  7. Ginmin44

    Worthless. I’ve tried them on 3 different occasions and have yet to feel a thing. Total waste of money.

  8. TrishUna

    These are a great way to treat minor aches and pains with low doses if you don’t want to fall asleep or become couchlocked. I came home from an athletic class with sore knees and some back and neck aches. One tablet kicked in fairly quickly and worked for several hours, reducing my aches significantly.

  9. MikeGotBarz

    Still not high

  10. WilliK05

    6 pills. Chewed. 2 hrs later… Still Flippin Nothing. Please make something for us with high tolerance. This seems to be a great concept and tasted great too. But just simply not feeling anything… Not even hungry.

  11. tigereyes222

    These are horrible, completely defective and don’t work. I have a very low tolerance and bought these so I can adjust the amount to my liking. Usually 5 mg is enough for me, but after taking 5, nothing. Next night I took 6, nothing. Don’t bother reaching out to your dispensary or the company either, just avoid these all together. I wish I got my money back.

  12. Toohigh2care

    These are absolutely awful, took 20/40 and felt a slight head high fro like 20 mins. Then just got a headache and stomach ache.

  13. Tonywho

    Save your money, you can eat the whole body and feel nothing.

  14. RocketMan86

    This has been great for my anxiety and panic attacks at work. Helps me focus and remain calm.

  15. drawingthebow

    Most effective digestive/edible for the management of my PTSD.

  16. dad14

    I take 2 tablets per day. Mild high for 2-3 hours with good energy level. Some anxiety and pain relief.

  17. with_a_K

    Works well; very discreet (which sad that I have to worry if coworkers know if I’m taking thc or opiates, and the fall out from anyone knowing the little pill is actually low dose thc and cbd to control my nausea.)

  18. MaterialGirl7

    Beyond amazing!! I use the Ascend for daytime and at night time, the Harmony relaxes me and I sleep really well. No doubt, I’m finding edibles are what will work best for me long term!

  19. PumpinPatsPotPalace

    Great for work. The discreet bottle looks like any ordinary OTC medication and the low dosage lets you control your high. They don’t really get you too high, though I think that’s the point. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is taking 1 or 2 if and when I get anxiety from too much coffee.

  20. Poterbin

    My husband has pancreatic cancer and finds Harmony works the best out of all his meds, for nausea.

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