Black Garlic (AAAAA)

(48 customer reviews)

Black Garlic (AAAAA)

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(48 customer reviews)

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Black Garlic, an Indica-dominant hybrid characterised by its impressive production of resin and terpenes. Black Garlic is sourced from GMO aka Garlic Cookies, a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdog, crossed with Sour Dubb, giving Indica-leaning plants that form dense buds with well-formed calyxes and that can easily take on dark coloursat the end of flowering.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(48) reviews for Black Garlic (AAAAA)


48 reviews for Black Garlic (AAAAA)

  1. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)

    Très for

  2. legalizeit369

    Definitely a nice head high and overall just makes you happy and relaxed. I don’t have to worry about getting too tired with this either. Didn’t have much of a taste compared to the other strains I tried but his review is from me vaporizing the concentrate.

  3. Batman1960

    Amazing numbing effects. Heady at first then settles into body nicely. Awesome for relaxation. Very potent strain.

  4. Naniopolis

    Very nice

  5. CrimporDie

    The high was very uplifting, perfect for being outdoors. The joint ended up lasting me for quite a while because it was so potent, could only really take 4 or so hits before getting stoned.

  6. HenryHaze420

    Very good train calm relaxing body high good for afterwork & the evening. Bud is really pretty as are all the Terrapin buds.

  7. geckodude147

    Tastes and smells amazing

  8. HeyMistaDJ

    I just picked some up today, for the 1st time. It was 22% THC. Smells and tastes great. A really good looking bud just full of trichs and color! It comes on quick but not to heavy. Just one wrong turn and she’ll have complete control but that’s OK.

  9. drdanknuggs

    The picture it shows for this strain doesn’t do it much justice,it’s far more covered in snow white trichomes that basically overwhelm the green of the nuggets but it’s soooo covered in crystals it’s just gorgeous beyond words. The high is an entirely different review which is ,once again, absolutely amazing for pain, anxiety, depression or sleep disorders & even helps stimulate the appetite. This miracle plant is the most helpful flower on this Earth & I can’t say enough about my love for the quality of life cannabis has provided for me & thousands of other patients.

  10. Michelleschloemer

    Great cerebral creep.

  11. SpaceGamer

    I have a high tolerance and need something potent at night time. I felt pain and muscle tension relief right away, followed by a calm mind.

  12. AnnaaElizabeth

    I was incapable of existing after this. I got the Grassroots sugar version from my local dispensary and it had been a long time since I felt so baked. Definitely A++

  13. Bunny_Mellon_B

    This is in my top 3 of all time. Maybe a bit strong for newcomers, but I have a strong tolerance and it was perfection. It eases you into sleep, after clearing your head and calming your pain! 5?

  14. BishopHD

    I Love it!!!

  15. Blackmagic27

    Taste very good and different. The high comes on fast and mellows you out but leaves aware and in a good mood.

  16. Weedhead325

    Good bud I love it ?☝️

  17. VoodooIdol

    Taste is sweet, and almost mmmediatley I could feel the lesser pain disappear, and as I smoked more more pain dIsapeared..

  18. G_indica_lover

    Beautiful flowers i always use my cannador to bring the flower back to that nice moist sticky greatness. Great after a long day at work def helps you wind down and enjoy the evening.

  19. Guylikestrees

    One of my favorite strains. Makes stress, anxiety, and depression melt away, yet you’re energized and excited. This strain is sweet.

  20. Mellobudz3

    This is by far the best hybrid flower I have found in the last two decades! the trichome production is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, this bud is extremely wonderful. Very uplifting with a great head high euphoria. Highly recommend!! ❣️??

  21. Zen_Breathing_Dragon

    My go-to strain was Green Crack for years. WAS. The flower looks beautiful and has a fairly pleasant smell to it. It smoked well with no harshness in the draw and exhaled smoothly. The high is a sort of rising euphoric experience and you notice your lips trying to tug into smiles. Warning: a beginner-smoker should be careful with this flower.

  22. skullerymaid

    I was surprised at how focused it made us. For a full hour, my partner sat by the fireplace playing a game, while I methodically ground nugs and rolled about twenty joints. Both of us were in our own little worlds, totally focused but chill. No munchies at all… there’s a bag of Taco Bell still sitting here uneaten. I have a feeling this will be a phenomenal movie-watching strain… stoked to smoke another joint and hit up Netflix. Tastes great, smells great, zero paranoia or anxiety (and I am very prone to anxiety).

  23. madmissbliss

    Pine, Citrus, clean smell. Brightly colored, frosty white with brilliant red hair, dense bud. Smooth smoke with citrus flavors. Quick head high, calm and active. *started cleaning the kitchen* Moderately heady, day-dreamy. Body high settles in gently. No couch lock or heavy hands. Excellent pain killer whose effects remained after the head high wore off. Nice mix of calming the body and mind without sacrificing activity. I would use this strain for daytime anxiety management, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the pain killing effects!

  24. Wurlitzer420

    Daytime for sure!

  25. GoGo007

    My favorite strain recently ? taste is great feeling is amazing sativa LEANING..?

  26. Motavappeded

    Great bud all around. Happy and euphoric!

  27. frankrizzo441968

    Very Chronic, smells so good you can’t hide this

  28. awaywithpain

    Best strain ever. I’m a chronic pain patient & this worked the best.


    This is a very good strain for relaxation and pain, it also has a smooth taste. This makes it a very good strain for me and I will definitely get more when available.

  30. Schnautown

    It’s one of my top five favorite strains. The taste and efficacy are superior to northern lights and a lot of other heavy hitters.

  31. joedurte

    Stony happy and super tasty. Even if you’re lactose intolerant.

  32. Wlmfour20

    Quite a lively high! I enjoyed the rapid-onset behind the eyes, smiley kind of buzz.good 95-110 min. long as well 🙂

  33. innerecho

    Absolutely the best ! Best taste, best sleep, best giggling, best sex. The best 🙂

  34. ricekrispytreats

    its the origional gangster kush you have to love it. its could be dank just by depending on how its grown so if it was grown well it should be super dank but i wouldnt waste time growing a very poorly grown og kush plant

  35. 420ShropHash

    Grew some myself. Too bad I had mites in the tent & had to harvest earlier than anticipated. Not as potent THC wise, but still effective for pain management with CBD levels.

  36. putz_420

    Superb!! A+

  37. Jakeman17

    I only smoked this strain once and ever since then, I have been trying to get my hands on it. This strain gives you euphoric high, yet a relaxing body high. The first time I smoked it, I had to go mute for about an hour but that was a damn good experience.

  38. DEREK74

    My very favorite strain,my first grow ever I drove by the same exit 3 times… U can say I have a green thumb for sure!!

  39. shanairish

    Tasty, and strong enough to get your sleep on..very mellow and relaxing.

  40. GlitterDabs

    Tried this at Errl Cup 2020 and it was amazing!

  41. ValleySpade

    I have yet to find something that smells, smokes, or tastes better. ? Please don’t buy it, so I can have it all!


    Wow! This is a really clean high. Heavy body, light(-ish) head high. Body high seems heavy, in a good way, a weighted blanket way. Head; clarity. Very interesting!

  43. DapperDan321KiefOut

    I like this blend for end of the day time out and mellow out.

  44. CannaM1Z

    It’ll hit you like the mighty fist of Zues.

  45. Stayinghigh420

    These flowers are excellent dense solid mugs highly recommend

  46. Finchmyster

    I have really bad anxiety, this always makes me feel calm, i feel grounded and calm like anything can happen and i wouldn’t care. So happy.

  47. tinyferret

    Relaxing, heavy body high, very savory flavor thanks to the Garlic, and extremely smooth. While the batch I picked up was only 15.10%, the terpenes present more than made up for it; highly recommended.

  48. jellybeanz123

    Amazing strain clear high , relaxing ? totally gives you the munchies. Makes your anxiety float away

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