Black Gas (AAAAA)

(23 customer reviews)

Black Gas (AAAAA)

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(23 customer reviews)

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Black Gas is a 100% pure indica strain. This dank bud has unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy, although it is generally agreed that it is probably an OG Kush phenotype. Gas offers the user a moderately high THC level that ranges from 16-19% on average and a memorable smell and taste of lemony pine with a hint of diesel upon exhale. This bud has dense compact bright neon green nugs with gold patches and a spattering of fine fiery orange hairs and translucent trichomes. Users describe the Gas high as having an almost immediate hazy onset of a soothing warming relaxing body high that spreads from the back of the head and spine throughout the rest of the body in slow numbing waves.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(23) reviews for Black Gas (AAAAA)


23 reviews for Black Gas (AAAAA)

  1. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    HUGE HEAVY NUGGETS, this is awesome stuff, high octane for sure

  2. Tweeprise

    This has become quickly my go to. I love how smooth and relaxing this strain is. Long lasting chronic pain relief while keeping a clear head.

  3. DeborahSch

    This was incredible. 30.1 %…it triggers a romantic notion…the daughter said it was an aphrodisiac for her and her husband! I concur! *wink, wink…raised eyebrows!” <3

  4. Jesus_2018

    Smooth taste. Smooth smelling. Very relaxing. My senses are all hypersensitive. Body pain is slightly reduced

  5. juleshil

    A knockout on first smoking

  6. SusanMurin18

    A nice Indica dominant hybrid, without the couch lock of a full indica. It has a sweet, grape flavor. I felt happy and relaxed, and pain was under control as well. Thc is at 19%.

  7. Valsona

    Beautiful bud with lots of frost. Smells fruity and berry-like. This is a thought-provoking strain that gives you bursts of creativity and energy. Great for artists or philosophers. For anyone suffering from ADD such as myself this strain is great for concentration and focus, as well. I highly recommend this strain. 🙂

  8. DirtyIslandKidd

    wow…i dont even know how im typing this right right now i feel like im the cursor next to the word…worrrrrrrrrdddddddd…Wait hold on real quick ill brb.

  9. Brhule420

    Very smooth on the the lungs but definitely does expand them…

  10. BigBrainBrown

    Great for relaxation!!! Gives you the best euphoric feeling working from head to body almost instant. Perfect if you need a good nights rest, for sure.

  11. Klavwill

    It’s a great strain. High in THC, Myrcene, low in Pinene. But, Ilera’s flower is always so bone dry. No good smell, crumbles to dust.

  12. KushyKorner

    Best outdoor I’ve ever consumed!! Fantastic day time herb!!! Pleasant, energetic yet balanced. I want more!!!

  13. Looch325

    Fire. Leafy hash plant nuggets, even the leaves are completely covered in trichomes. I made rosin and got a very nice yield

  14. refusalpoi

    favorite weed that completely turned me into a stoner

  15. jstriz90

    Was skeptical at first because bud crumbles but after 2 hits , I’m stoned , it gives a numbing body effect , and descent body head buzz. Definitely good for after work or nighttime .

  16. Ladygraves26

    This is quickly becoming my Saturday afternoon favorite. It has a hint of fruity taste and a gives a boost of fun energy to help with those weekend chores.

  17. Hungry8909

    Got some of this yesterday. Opened the container and was blown away by just how dank this strain is. Wowser

  18. KYRIZMA5280

    Whew! What a relief! My day was a early start not to mention busy.

  19. OKmedEdWanted

    Smoothe strain. Got it on a great special in Trinidad. Great stress reliever.

  20. Jasongg1967

    I just picked some up at a dispensary here in Salem..loved seeing some rogue valley outdoor on The menu and I was not disappointed! The strength shows quickly but without being heavy.

  21. oldsmoky

    Absolutely one of my favs, and I’m usually a land race strain kind of person, definitely prefer a Indica, and this is one of the best.

  22. Rosspretzel

    Excellent looking flower, lots of red hairs, trichomes cover everything. Lol even the inside of the container. Great earthy taste with just a touch of a peppery note. Super relaxing, onnce that head rush went away my whole body sunk into my chair. Not a care in the world for the next hour or so.

  23. ABN918

    A lighter Indica hybrid from me, good for a hard day after work, wake and bake, chillin watching movies.. Probably buy again

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