CBD Viri Vape Cart Hawaiian Haze .5ml

(38 customer reviews)


CBD Viri Vape Cart Hawaiian Haze .5ml


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(38 customer reviews)

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0.5 ml vape cartridge of full spectrum CBD CO2 extract

(38) reviews for CBD Viri Vape Cart Hawaiian Haze .5ml


38 reviews for CBD Viri Vape Cart Hawaiian Haze .5ml

  1. Marks23

    This is my personal fav among the hightops. Great buzz! They come in handy when you want to be discreet

  2. seymourtrash

    I’ve tried a variety of high tops and this one is by far my favourite. Natural cannabis flavour with a powerful and enjoyable high.

  3. Hueythekid

    Great taste, high tops never disappoint

  4. benetrator

    Two thumbs up!

  5. Thebigcat

    Love this one

  6. Pat Cassidy

    Absolutely my favourite high top. Super taste, super effect and super convenient. Keep a fresh battery ready to go and excellent clouds with small draws. Will continue to keep this in the stash.

  7. DresdenJ

    This is my favourite high top so far. Great taste and effect and isn’t harsh at all.

  8. Sleepyvb

    eally really smooth. No tired spells at all. Energetic buzz. Got all my housework done!!

  9. lumbo88

    one of the best tasting high tops and is powerful one or two draws and your good for hours

  10. Ak514ak

    LEGIT !!! High tops is the waveeeee

  11. Codymck

    Has a strong taste of sweet weed. hahah! The buzz from this lasted a while too.

  12. Sawmillbills

    Carts come fully loaded which is nice . Has a really nice limey herb taste to it. High tops toke very well don’t gum up as easy as other carts. Medium strength very nice

  13. benetrator

    Great high top. Not much of a flavour, but pretty nice high

  14. ethandr

    Wonderful and potent. Went for the High Tops after I haven’t seen Flyte Carts on here in months. But not disappointed.

  15. captinbakslap

    The only high top I ever bought where the liquid was a black. Didn’t even finish the cart I think I got a bad one. Still love high tops though

  16. Garr91

    Top 3 for me. Great flavour, very relaxing high.

  17. Alaliberte

    Love the taste, offers a great high with discreteness. Very happy and enjoy the product?

  18. JohnnyDeeps

    To be honest I didn’t taste much blueberry at all. Totally not a negative thing, this product got me so wrecked….no matter what the taste is, I love it!!! Headrush almost every single hit. Great job you guys are doing over there….cheers

  19. neighto

    Great taste and it helps maintain a good steady high all day. My favorite high top so far

  20. Branyon

    “A really nice, smooth, tastey cart. It has a nice piney taste to it with a really decent terpy taste too.
    Great little discreet cartridge for being on the go in public.”

  21. Gauss23

    I order this religiously. It IS the best

  22. Thebigcat

    Love the high tops, great product and very convenient. I want to try each variety.

  23. Hb613

    the hands down best cartridge yet

  24. audreybrault2345

    Really tasty great high. I would definitely buy again.

  25. dustin seeley

    This flavor is not the best but still does trick. Sometimes you get a leaky one though that is the bummer about the High Tops.

  26. tlando84

    Good high, taste is a bit light. I find these make me cough a lot, but most flavoured vapes do so that may just be me.

  27. BarbJean

    I really enjoy the flavor of this one. Helps with my headaches and body aches.

  28. Parkohotrum

    Tasty and smooth. Always hesitant about strength of the fruity flavours but this didn’t disappoint.

  29. RenegadeGlitch

    My favorite flavour hands down!

  30. Skinner53

    Best vape yet. Great flavor, seems to burn better than other flavors. Great buzz yet again, and of course can smoke it anywhere

  31. Renardz

    Very nice oil had a bit of a weird taste but over all was great!

  32. mattpellerin

    Love all the high tops I’ve tried this is my favorite flavour for sure

  33. ross9634

    i love the hight tops great convenient delivery , push a button and hoot . always a good buzz this one was a little to. blue taste for me , i like oil that taste like weed not fruity but this is still good . ?

  34. Sleepyvb

    This is my favourite flavour. These High Tops are awesome!

  35. LeVo666

    Great sweet taste! Feels more like the real thing.

  36. DilbagDhesi

    Awesome, nice and potent and you get a ton of use out of them so def worth the money. Only downside is flavor could be better IMO and I just wish they would identify what specific strains are in the product vs generic “hybrid” as that doesn’t really help.

  37. LemmyKillmister

    high quality cartridge. Amazing flavor and high.

  38. lumbo88

    smooth taste and instant high cant go wrong with these carts

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