Cherry Cookies (AAAAA)

(20 customer reviews)

THC: 26% | CBD: 0%

Cherry Cookies (AAAAA)

THC: 26% | CBD: 0%

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(20 customer reviews)

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Cherry Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies #2. Although hard to come by in your average market, Cherry Cookies is one bud that you’ll have to try for its amazing flavor! Cherry Cookies has a taste that’s remarkably like its name, with a nutty overtone accented by fresh cherries and berries. The aroma takes a pungent earthy turn, bringing in skunky florals and rich sweet berries.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(20) reviews for Cherry Cookies (AAAAA)


20 reviews for Cherry Cookies (AAAAA)

  1. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    THE BIGGEST FLAVOUR PUNCH of all the smoke from WHD. A true #1 product that this grower has nailed hands down. PERFECT STUFF!!!

  2. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Incredible sweet aroma and packs a lot of flavours in those big buds. Long-lasting invigorating effects. Excellent product!

  3. texasfarmer

    Absolutely incredible, the berry smell is unmatched

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  4. deziray

    It’s giggly and relaxing without being totally incapacitating, a perfect strain for new smokers trying to find what strain types they enjoy.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  5. inditiva0

    Super sweet, dessert-like inhale with a smooth buttery berry exhale. Buds are very frosty. Excellent blend of focused euphoria and near-weightless body high. Only downfall for bowl smokers is that it burns fast and continuous.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  6. Doodle-Oop

    It has high concentrates of CBDa and low concentrates of THC. The effects have been wonderful for me, it helps with just about everything, my pain, my anxiety and it also leaves me with an overall sense of ease throughout the day.

  7. christran711

    Looks and smells amazing! Smokes very well in a pipe or rolled up, great high as well.

  8. Summer9193

    My favorite so far. Very good with managing pain. Great for stress. Very mellow low key. Chilled out feeling

  9. HairKnife

    This high-CBD flower is an outstanding achievement in cannabis horticulture . Vaporized or combusted, this yummy flower activates very rapidly, so get ready. Choose this if you are a chronic sufferer of neuropathic or demyelinating pain. Do not underestimate the mental clarity that can follow.

  10. kapitalj

    The smell and the taste is amazing. THANK YOU ENJOYABLE… I NEED MORE!!!!

  11. EL_reina

    Smells heavenly. Smokes even better. 5 stars for sure.

  12. Happy_Days

    Tastes fantastic, full body buzz in minutes very smooth smoke not over powering.

  13. Naniopolis

    Love this strain…’s great tasting and lasts longer than usual

  14. tutt56

    It is a great strain. Only problem is I can’t find this strain in stocks in a flower. Or the Indica I use can’t find either. Hope they start getting the flowers in instead of oils & waxes.

  15. 100kjay


  16. BlueMayan

    Taste and effect are fantastic.

  17. The.Avid.Dabber

    Dig the flower and the rosin. Smooth flavors and effects. Not a knockout, so I love it when I’m headed off on an adventure outdoors.

  18. Vgreen1

    Super dank indica. Got me on couch lock. Baaammmmmbbb!!!!

  19. Mr_doe

    Some of the nicest flowers I’ve seen. The Flowers were fresh, sticky and smelly (in a dank way). Nice big nugs blinged out with sticky goodness.

  20. PrettyPothead89

    One of my faves! Looks great, smells amazing, tastes awesome, and the effects are fire!

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