Dried Pineapple 80mg THC 10mg CBD

(27 customer reviews)


Dried Pineapple 80mg THC 10mg CBD


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(27 customer reviews)

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Our infused dried pineapple keeps medication simple: sweet dried Pineapple fruit, infused with famously pure Mota THC extract. A great snack infused with a perfectly extracted and measured dose of 80mg hybrid THC and 10mg of CBD to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

(27) reviews for Dried Pineapple 80mg THC 10mg CBD


27 reviews for Dried Pineapple 80mg THC 10mg CBD

  1. Paula Dixon (verified owner)

    I love the taste of these. They are very mild compared to other edibles.

  2. Paula Dixon (verified owner)

    These are my favourite item sold by WHD. If you enjoy the taste of thc, you will like these. Very mild dose per chunk which makes dosing easy

  3. Paula Dixon (verified owner)

    If you enjoy the taste of the thc oil like I do, you will love these dried pineapple chunks. They are very mild (10mg ea) so you can eat a few of them and then enjoy the ride!
    My only complaint is that they are often sold out.

  4. Robs1977

    Very convenient

  5. Psygod350

    Took one with a few puffs and I was gone for hours! <3

  6. Marshall Melvin

    It took about an hour to kick in but was very nice

  7. Blue_Fish

    I was pleased to find this to be the case. On that note they taste great and are perfect for getting a nice glow on while hanging out around a campfire, out with friends are just at home watching a movie.

  8. Mar52

    Taste is superb, nice buzz for the afternoon to relax. They can make me a bit sleepy , so they might be good at night too. Very discreet and compact packaging. Just love these!

  9. rcafcoburn

    They are delicious! Come in very nice packaging and have ZERO cannabis aftertaste. Well worth the purchase.

  10. TheRealAnissa

    Good flavour! Decent high but I needed 2

  11. clemsbk

    Just the right amount of thc to continue operating, playing sports or doing work

  12. vincentvd

    Perfect for someone who start edible. Good packing and friendly use.

  13. rgrun60

    Wife likes these, not too strong for her and she likes the taste also , only one she does not care for are the green ones. Will probably be a recurring order when I order for myself.

  14. cindy1000

    Would and will buy again. Thank-you for the extra goodies sent with my purchase.

  15. Terripie2005

    Very tasty! And low dose so u can really customize your high!

  16. KarenMcGrath

    I eat a couple before bed to help me sleep. Getting the stronger ones next time.

  17. Atomic

    Tastes like real fruit.

  18. Khoffmann

    I really love these! They’re a mellow buzz and take about 2 hours to kick in. But it’s totally worth the wait. One is enough for new users. Delicious flavours too!

  19. Michy

    These actually taste pretty good and not strongly of weed. Would definitely get again.

  20. Pbrownell16

    These taste good and have a nice light high

  21. Alienworkshop

    “Small dosage is perfect
    For all occasion

  22. kristjanritchie

    great for perking up the old appetite,or for giving you that nice little hug to put you of to a great nights sleep, aces all around. nicely nicely done yum yum…….thanks …..cheersmuchluv

  23. Stoner.1999

    Low the little descent tin. Perfect for on the go

  24. joelos

    “Since the THC concentration is not too high, you can easily dose what you take.

    In conclusion, this is a great product that I highly recommend.”

  25. Loud Ian

    Watch out, you might not notice you ate them all at once. Tangy, flavor packed nuggets of giggles.

  26. Thedayishere

    Very tasty.

  27. KellyMacD

    These taste sooo good, great product

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