Durban Lemon Poison 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

(25 customer reviews)


Durban Lemon Poison 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


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(25 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of smoking THC with our smooth and discreet smoke flavors. Inquire for current stock availability!

(25) reviews for Durban Lemon Poison 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


25 reviews for Durban Lemon Poison 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

  1. BelleRiefer

    Good buzz with a great taste

  2. 046170809

    Super clean high, very nice

  3. Acceler8or

    I had a few hoots off a cart I bought and it leaked the oil everywhere afterward. I have used them before and they were great

  4. Axesomebody

    Can’t recommend enough!

  5. thevamiter

    A good discreet cart for travel

  6. Larissa007

    I love these little capes

  7. Mike Naples

    Perfect for that stealth tasty toke.

  8. Wretchking

    Delivers a heavy high that tastes great and isn’t too harsh, one of my favourite flavours. Will buy again.

  9. mccune537

    smoking this was like listening to Friday by Rebecca Black. Its on so you’ll listen to whole thing and its almost catchy but you don’t feel satisfied.

  10. Gedwa575

    Bubbles of fruit carry you to THC Euphoria. Puff Puff Pass it on

  11. cjharrington

    Really good high from this. Still functional when high. Nice tastes and burns well. Buying this is an awesome deal !

  12. Babakaiff

    I’m a light weight, but this is amazing.

  13. Mr.dolemite

    This gives a deep relaxing high and is a solid choice for taking off the edge.

  14. Travness123

    By far the best I’ve had for taste and overall high. Best for social and conversation

  15. SimonQuest

    My friends are always asking me for some when they smell it.

  16. Monique szajko

    Great taste. Perfect high

  17. Morin139

    Taste is unbeatable and high is pretty decent too! An all time winner for me.

  18. engineermike

    This was sweet and flavourful!

  19. Tripit

    Love the wide mouth on this cartridge, makes for a smoother more even hit. The flavor is as intense as the high, will buy again.

  20. SherlockStoner

    Loved it!

  21. chelseanna

    Smooth and sweet, but it can be easy to build a tolerance.

  22. Najm

    Didnt like the taste or the cartridge. Will only get high tops .

  23. Alicia1707

    This is one I have ordered more than once! Highly recommended!

  24. Reader

    Better than I had hoped.

  25. Clare37

    I prefer high tops and would recommend them over these

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