Full Profile 2:1 Syringe

(22 customer reviews)


Full Profile 2:1 Syringe


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(22 customer reviews)

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A special blend of THC and CBD formulated specifically to be a mellower smoother stone which also delivers a wonderful health benefit. A mixture of THC Delta 9 Distillate, full profile Honey Oil, and high grade CBD Distillate, this blend has a very wide full Cannabinoid profile of 92% as well as a spicy fun flavor.

(22) reviews for Full Profile 2:1 Syringe


22 reviews for Full Profile 2:1 Syringe

  1. daftpup

    Could be stronger.

  2. beauty

    Love the oil, smoke it everyday man. Good oil.

  3. francoise

    Wow, what a fantastic product.

  4. Voodooman

    Will keep buying

  5. ScottB

    Burns nice and clean and very potent.Get it while it lasts.

  6. SteelJunky

    This stuff is top-shelf, by far the greatest tasting for the price.


    will keep buying more.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  8. rennsanhai

    will buy again, smooth and potent very nice taste

  9. St.B

    The syringe works great, used this in a pen on jays

  10. 2006flhtcup

    Use sparingly as is strong stuff It is great for relaxing and helping with sleep

  11. Winds

    taste so good you want more! But dont ….wait. it will it hard!!! Will defenitely buy again!!

  12. Manic

    will order again .

  13. mattymatz72

    Very Nice! Hope this stays in stock!

  14. DonaldHume

    Had no problem

  15. nemesis4shoo

    Critical hit.

  16. Vitinho

    I keep this shit stocked, not the best taste but I enjoy the high

  17. ronran

    This is the real deal

  18. Treeant34

    “Would love to get this in ounces…

    Very thick, very clean…

    Strong but uplifting, I was able to get some serious shite done…

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  19. Tommyh77

    Wife loves it

  20. Janicew83

    It has a bountiful taste and a very relaxed high.

  21. Waters

    Great product. It’s a must try.

  22. GloriousGas

    This is a must try.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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