Full Spectrum CBD Tablets

(18 customer reviews)


Full Spectrum CBD Tablets


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(18 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the large quantity of 60, 10mg Full Spectrum CBD tablets made from a local GMP Certified Vancouver Island farm and in an easy to take pill form!


CBD – 7.91mg
THC – 0.52mg
CBV – 0.25mg
CBC – 0.078mg
CBG – 0.050mg
CBN – 0.011mg
CBD – 7.91mg
THC – 0.52mg
CBV – 0.25mg
CBC – 0.078mg
CBG – 0.050mg
CBN – 0.011mg

(18) reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Tablets


18 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Tablets

  1. Sweetcheeks23

    I love that there’s no sugar with these. I had been taking gummies, but it’s nice to find something that’s sugar free

  2. Tamara.K

    This has made it really easy for me to take cbd everyday. I take 2 of these with my fish oil and I’m good to go!

  3. SammySweetcheeks

    These are really great capsules. I will for sure be getting more when I run out

  4. lapoeme81

    Good but could be stronger

  5. zhannka

    These are medical grade, not the junk you get on the street. They help in relieving stress and clearing the mind of the “noise” and the racing of thoughts you often experience in stressful and chaotic times. I also believe that cannabinoid compounds do in fact help the immune system function at optimal levels, which prevents and helps a multitude of potential diseases and abnormalities. There is no harm in taking these, so you might as well try.

  6. Starky1

    I’ve tried several CBD products to help manage my morning anxiety, and this one has been the most effective thus far. I take one softgel in the morning and within 10-15 minutes feel calming relief, which takes me through most of the day. I love the fact that this product is healthy and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Def recommend!

  7. JenWalz

    This is my first CBD product I ever took (still taking) and knew nothing about it until I’ve met the owner of this awesome family run company who introduced me to the wonderful world of cannabinoids. I’m dealing with severe panic attacks for many years, conventional medicine and conventional herbal remedies didn’t really work.

  8. donnasf

    I have Crohn’s disease and I found that CBD helps keep the inflammation down. I’ve been feeling calmer overall and don’t have as many flare ups as I used to. Their customer service is great and shipping is fast and free! Highly recommend it!

  9. aiAndre

    Impressive for its quality and potency. It’s now my daily go-to supplement. Taste great too.. Highly recommend it.

  10. Cannalovebug

    Use them on many different occasions…Didn’t find them very effective.

  11. lilybeach

    I’ve been using these for about a year and I think they’re wonderful! Easy to take and very effective. I have arthritis in both knees and hands.

  12. breeleslie

    Love this brand. I use all of their products daily to maintain good health, as well to diffuse any neck pain or headaches that arise. Their products are incredibly convenient to use and very effective.

  13. Chthed

    Helps with my Essential Tremors, stress and anxiety. One or two tablets gets me through the day.

  14. craig720

    Effective and Economical!

  15. faina

    Finally, Product that works

  16. Laluna1914

    My lower back pain has been significantly reduced since I started this product. Will purchase again.

  17. Sasu3000

    I love these. I’m on my 4th bottle. Really helps take the edge off my anxiety as well as period cramps.

  18. rookeyk

    I just tried this product for the first time in my life. Definitely has a calming effect.

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