Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin 1g

(37 customer reviews)


Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin 1g


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(37 customer reviews)
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Gorilla Glue #4 comes from Chem’s sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. A highly sought after strain due to its incredible aroma and full body flavor. With a punch as powerful as its flavor it is a force to be reconned with. This live resin is rediculously good.

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1 Gram

(37) reviews for Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin 1g


37 reviews for Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin 1g

  1. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Excellent resin

  2. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Amo questa roba !

  3. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Tasty and very effective results

  4. Millagram705

    “Pretty good for the pricegot brice banner, first time trying live resin so cant say forsure that it top notch but id like to assume it is
    Will be trying high heat live resin next”

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  5. Amanda Bowman

    Potent af. Just like the hulk. This isn’t Bruce it’s hulk mode.

  6. Mr.Potts

    FIVE Stars

  7. alphanuderick

    decent, seemed a little more like wax/butter than live resin.

  8. Jeffgushue

    Great high. Perfect for dabs.

  9. chronotronic

    The picture doesn’t do this justice.. it’s beautiful!! Flavor is a bit weak unless you’re dabbing at lower temps. This stuff isn’t going to slam you into the couch, but it’s a great smoke. Try it.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  10. Cmarsh420

    Some of the best live resin I’ve ever seen. Tastes super clean and great potency

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  11. Voodooman

    Love the flavour .nice high

  12. samcrawf92

    This was my first live resin purchase. I was blown away from the flavour. Was not at all expecting such a fruity adventure, and was very pleasantly surprised!

  13. tjrh82

    Texture and taste are top notch. Effects are great. Will buy again.

  14. Amanda Bowman

    Real hard hitting quick but intense buzz. Nice for a quick lift

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  15. Beauds11

    Not the best live resin ive tried from but its good. Or fire? Isnt that what they call good stuff these days. Cause make no mistake this is good stuff but i would try out white russian b4 this.

  16. BCBuyersClub

    Love live resin. did not disappoint.

  17. jrube416

    Unmatched with their live resins. Always consistent and always potent. The flavour of this one is unreal, would def but again.

  18. Amanda Bowman

    This one I gave to a friend but I got good response back he said it tasted great and was daytime level but still a great choice for day smoke I can’t speak personally as I didn’t try it but good feedback from my buddy. He said 5 stars so 5 stars it is and if that’s the case then for the price it’s above average . I trust my friends tastes as they mirror mine almost identically. So ya it’s good ?

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  19. CanadianTokers604

    Pretty killer stuff. I love dabbing and I’m pretty picky when it comes to my concentrates. Live resin is one of my favourite dabs, just because its so flavourful and it still gets me high as a kite.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  20. Dhertiiboi

    Really nice! Not quite as ridiculously flavourful as their live sauce but still super tasty. Glad I tried it!

  21. PotHead

    A real treat here

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  22. TristanLec

    Very high quality, great flavor and nice high.

  23. willbo

    smokes well

  24. Jethro

    I opened it it seemed more like a large amount of budder than live resin. The scent was disappointing and the product was fully dry and crumbly.

  25. rev_80m

    “like the way this hits me, after letting out a big cloud,
    I’d get this again.”

  26. KylieM

    Tastes great and hits like a champ!

  27. JWillman

    Nice product at a decent price.

  28. Subby74

    Great for dabs. Tastes great, burns clean.

  29. Amanda Bowman

    delicious flavour and quick sharp high

  30. tjrh82

    Potent, soft, and very nicely scented. Fantastic relief. Will definitely order again.

  31. LeonMontana

    gets me right over that calling-in-sick hump and somewhat engaged with my dayjob.

  32. solebruvs

    Very tasty!

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  33. Flyingbison

    I felt like this resin had less flavor than others that I’ve had. I really enjoyed the high, it was a very good body high starting in the stomach and moving to the rest of the body. I would buy it again.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  34. Weeddude01

    Great product for the price. Will definitely be getting More of this

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  35. Meadowsmomma

    I enjoyed this very much.

  36. Mitch.C

    This is up to par with all other live resin I’ve tried.

  37. Poolie

    Really good, will order again

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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