Hawaiian Gold Hybrid (AAA)

(27 customer reviews)

Hawaiian Gold Hybrid (AAA)

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(27 customer reviews)

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Hawaiian Gold makes for a potent smoke and a relaxing way to treat low mood, insomnia, and chronic pain. The high is sleepy but happy, with a strong dose of euphoria. The bud has a bright green color with spots of darker green and light amber hairs. The taste is smooth, earthy, and hash-like. The aroma also has earthy notes, along with a sweet floral smell and unpleasant hints of rotten fruit.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(27) reviews for Hawaiian Gold Hybrid (AAA)


27 reviews for Hawaiian Gold Hybrid (AAA)

  1. Richard Lowe

    Smells great, tastes great and has good effects. Will definitely buy again.

  2. ShamRoKz

    This is my morning bud, Great strain.

  3. Tunafish

    2nd time ordering this type and it doesn’t disappoint. Great smell, great taste, great daytime feeling.

  4. Emmy98

    Great Strain! I will be ordering it again

  5. krysvilone

    Amazing bud; does wonders for my anxiety. The high is clean, no couch rot. Good for day time use in small quantities.

  6. Roshee101

    Smells and tastes like no other. Definitely a great choice

  7. Saiga_tatarica

    Very sweet and smooth strain with a clean high. Uplifting feeling that leaves you with tons of energy. Would definitely buy again. ?

  8. thatbushguy

    Some of the freshest smoke out there, very pleasant.

  9. Gmoney72

    Awesome tasting and smelling weed. Great energetic high, perfect for daytime use.

  10. L.Sirrus

    Great strain and quality. If you’re one of those who has to indulge during the day, or simply wants to enjoy their weekend and keep active, this is the one for you. I would say medium-strong potency, perfect for daytime.

  11. Najm

    Very nice stuff.

  12. Augustus

    It tastes and smells phenomenal and keeps you alert with a very nice high.

  13. motelbobby

    Outstanding product. Such tasty bud

  14. WizzleC

    this is one of my favorites. the smell & high are great , good for day or night. will definitively be ordering this again.

  15. dswanson86

    Great taste and great for daytime. One of my favourite strains

  16. Beezu

    one of my all time favorite flavors and highs! Nice buds too! Can’t go wrong, wish it was cheaper ?

  17. L.Sirrus

    . Strong distinctive aroma, great taste. This is the best daytime bud I’ve ever come across. Easy to keep moving and go about your day. Not a weekday consumer, but I love it on Saturday. Another must try!

  18. DirtyTurt

    One of my favorites! Buds burn nice and even. Good for smoking anytime with strong sativa effects.

  19. Peaceandquiet

    High quality. Try it, it’s very nice you will not be disappointed

  20. jwlenny

    First strain I ordered from the site. Great stuff, tastes great, smells good, does it’s job wel

  21. daftpup

    Very nice buds. Love the packaging too. It’s nice in the morning.

  22. Muhlbeier

    A sativa that you can smoke for day use, smells and taste incredible! Second time ordering this strain and both times blown away by quality

  23. QueerMama420

    Interesting taste and smell. I found the high euphoric and stimulating.

  24. haydenched

    very nice strain, good taste and smell would forsake try again

  25. alectrike

    Great taste and smell, perfect to smoke during daytime activities.

  26. Erojin

    Great taste and A+ on the strength. Will be putting this in my next order for sure.

  27. Umbro

    Great stuff! One of my favorite tasting buds.

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