Honey Oil 5g

(41 customer reviews)


Honey Oil 5g


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(41 customer reviews)

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“Sea Warp Honey oil

5 grams of beautiful, delicious, potent full spectrum honey oil derived from sea warp cannabis grown in the BC interior. comes in a handy easy to use heatable glass vial.

(41) reviews for Honey Oil 5g


41 reviews for Honey Oil 5g

  1. Maulad (verified owner)

    I really do just love your honey oil!! This is definitely a regular purchase from me ??

  2. Maulad (verified owner)

    Your honey oil is AMAZING!

  3. Bundy (verified owner)

    My favourite

  4. Bundy (verified owner)

    Takes me back to high school daze!

  5. Maulad (verified owner)

    This honey oil is wonderful. It’s the best anxiety relief around. The price is exceptional.

  6. Maulad (verified owner)

    You gotta try this honey oil! It’s not only the best honey oil around, but if you buy two you get 30% off the second one. I love this store!

  7. Maulad (verified owner)

    This honey oil is the best! If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

  8. Maulad (verified owner)

    This honey oil is smooth and clean smoking. ??

  9. Bundy (verified owner)

    Reminds me of the OG oil I would find back in the day!

  10. Maulad (verified owner)

    This honey oil is wonderful! These are stressful times and I don’t know how I could have relaxed without your honey oil. Thank you WHD

  11. Maulad (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best honey oil anywhere!!

  12. Maulad (verified owner)

    Your honey oil is awesome!! If you want a really great buzz, this is where you get it!

  13. Kevin Mack (verified owner)

    This product is a reminder of the late 70’s. even better than I remembered it. Thanks for offering this product. I will definitely buy again.

  14. Maulad (verified owner)

    I have ordered a few of these now and they are consistently perfect. The taste is smooth and the high is wonderfully joyous.

  15. Mark Wallbridge (verified owner)

    Great taste and high

  16. Maulad (verified owner)

    I love this sweet nectar. I have smoked a few of these now and they are consistently great each time!

  17. garrick k (verified owner)

    Clean very nice, smooth 10 out of10 for me

  18. Maureen Ladouceur (verified owner)

    Seriously this is wonderful!! Easy to spread into a spliff. Haven’t had anything like this since the 70’s. Congratulations to Weedhub for having this on the menu!

  19. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)


  20. Steve Bertin (verified owner)

    Nice color and consistency.. heavy buzz in minutes… lasts for a hours. This honey oil was the bomb!!! I will be buying again !!! I’ve shared it with some friends ( heavy smokers)… we were all high and happy !!! Great job guys!!!!

  21. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)

    Très bon buzz

  22. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)

    Très bien

  23. Countingitjoy

    Naturally high in CBD, rather than a high, it produces a gentle calm.

  24. Xasder

    Moi,je vape seulement et ce produit est idéal, elle est juste assez liquide pour remplir facilement le vape pen

  25. Larrymass57

    It packs a punch. I really enjoyed it.

  26. Tommyh77

    Very smooth.

  27. Sez686

    Nice packaging. Very good oil. Perfect for dab, and add to your favorite vap cartridges.

  28. fromabove

    I really liked this product. I purchased it to vape and enjoyed the effects.

  29. Taz

    Will buy again.

  30. peezy

    Spent a long time looking for a high CBD concentrate … This is it!!

  31. Voodooman

    Great cbd for vaping .works wonders.

  32. Susan

    Pricey, but as it’s so concentrated you don’t need much.

  33. KrisIndo

    Very good product very clean and potent

  34. Fireboobs

    Very Smooth, very cool awesome vaping

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  35. Brent Seeley

    Really nice oil. Spreads on thin and packs a serious punch. Worth every penny

  36. Jah4

    It solidified within days in the tube. Disappointing.

  37. Assassin

    made some great homemade vegan, sugar-free treats for personal use. Exactly what I wanted, and super simple.

  38. Smelanie23

    Perfect for knocking yourself out for the night, or in small doses for a intense body stone

  39. tarkus1959

    nice and smooth, long buzz, truly great stuff

  40. Briansawh

    This BHO was really thick so it was hard to get into vapes, but was great on bud. The syringe lets you get everything out of the tube which is great.

  41. pgfrankl

    Love the cannabinoid profile of this product. Made capsules with it… seem to work well.

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