Lemon Pie 0.5 THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

(30 customer reviews)


Lemon Pie 0.5 THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


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(30 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of smoking THC with our smooth and discreet smoke flavors. Inquire for current stock availability!

(30) reviews for Lemon Pie 0.5 THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


30 reviews for Lemon Pie 0.5 THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


    Good flavor, filled to the brim. No additives but still a bit harsh.

  2. rbtglt

    Good taste. Average high.

  3. ssvaghasia

    If you care about the taste apart from a good high, this one’s yours!

  4. Malkiat03

    Wicked buzz and made me feel like I did not want to eat the house out

  5. rotoculteurs

    “Smoke very well
    Lemony taste that lets you enjoy everything you are doing”

  6. dallabillzz

    The cartridge is slightly cheaper in cost than almost all sites with a better product so it’s a no brainer.

  7. Pakattack

    Probably my favourite cart. I love the flavour which of course has a hint of lemon. Super clean high.

  8. heavycheese

    Yeah this is it chief, anything high tops is the go to. Bright citrus flavour

  9. Briansawh

    Amazing, nice thick concentrate, so it takes a while to get to the coil

  10. Drizzlehell

    I loved this one. The taste was nice and it was almost tingly or fizzy so I would sneeze alot. It was a nice buildable high. The packaging was a little annoying as I am finding with this brand I need to warm it in my hand or pocket for a few mins so it works, otherwise it clogs up and I really have to draw hard to get it going when I haven’t used it in a bit.

  11. LDCGCC

    Amazing taste, fun high, good time all around.

  12. Andrew2947

    “Has a slight citrus note, very energetic and social high.
    Great for a party”

  13. hmp

    Nice flavour. Perky afternoon buzz.

  14. St.B

    Another winner! Puffed this way too fast, but don’t regret it at all.

  15. SeymourWood

    Love these things! So convenient.

  16. Kzablotsky

    Great vape top the only thing is they plug up near the end

  17. SarahThompson

    Great high, taste was slightly lemony, wish it was a little more flavourful .

  18. Dan Iodice

    Lemony notes very nice

  19. Tom69

    This super lemon haze cart is one of the best I’ve seen on the market from the outstanding flavour and high to the quality build of the cart 100% would cop again

  20. Jarah

    This is a heavy hitter. Citrus flavor on inhale and earthy on the exhale. High Tops carts are the best I’ve used. Don’t pass this one up. Recommended!

  21. Laciahie

    Use too much of this and your mom be catching you high asf. That’s how I got in trouble. ITS PERFECT. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS HEAT.

  22. Nisgaawolf

    Tastes great! Nice and chill!!

  23. ganjalist

    “Really energizing and uplifting. If you want to feel like you’re going on an adventure, this is the strain you.


  24. Poiriersabrina

    Taste is a little too strong for me. I really prefer the blueberry taste. The high is really good though.

  25. BuckyKatt26

    “Firs hightops cartridge, but very happy.

    Nice lemon flavour and a quick hitting buzz.”

  26. RedMinnow

    Great strong product true to the strain!

  27. dee_117

    Tasted really nice and the high was perfect

  28. Bcbuddy91

    “very strong, clean distallate.
    10/10 cartridge”

  29. robynnw

    Gives a very good relaxed high, use this before sleeping and chills me out. No weedy smell, and light lemon taste! Perfect to be discreet

  30. Tripit

    Great high for daytime, really enjoyed the lemon flavor.

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