Mint Cookies 1ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

(24 customer reviews)


Mint Cookies 1ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


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(24 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of smoking THC with our smooth and discreet smoke flavors. Inquire for current stock availability!

(24) reviews for Mint Cookies 1ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


24 reviews for Mint Cookies 1ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

  1. Dennis

    This product will give you the patience required to stand in a 30 minutes line at Walmart and smile about it. A little dab will get you through it.

  2. miranda_g

    Great for daytime use, good buzz

  3. hmp

    Awake but mellow. Great way to spend the afternoon.

  4. vincentvd

    From far my favorite cart. Smell not that strong but taste really good.

  5. Reillycoleman

    Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Great high. Tasted very well. Would recommend over and over.

  6. snakemackerel

    A little more than I was expecting…just what I’m always hoping for!

  7. PrinceS

    Not my favorite tasting one but i really loved it !! Tks !

  8. gagnonmt

    Good smoke, decent taste

  9. Redgiehoods

    had a very potent weed taste which i found very nice. high was strong and usually found myself doing alot of snacking from the high

  10. Roach97

    Great to start the day with, gives me lots of energy

  11. Erinolsen

    I smoke daily and these still hit me quite nice. Has a great flavour and very discreet. Can use in most public places without anyone noticing.

  12. JL

    This cart is for sure in my top 5, Everyone should try it.

  13. 2stepjunkie

    I have purchased a few of these hoping the leaking was just a one-off.. but alas, they all leak ☹️

  14. LDCGCC

    Very potent and fun high, one of the best values for it’s cost. Strongly recommend

  15. Diklokaraklo

    Excellent taste, strong, give me a daily dose.Be careful with appetite

  16. Thornbush

    Would definitely buy again.

  17. Fl0ckin92

    it was alright

  18. Miamoyaert42

    Great for through the day, my favorite high top

  19. Dest1018

    Love this! It’s a great high! Will be buying more

  20. meghannn

    Not that thrilled with this cart or brand of cart, it was very chemical tasting.

  21. EzekielAwoyemi

    Not my cup of thc

  22. Djearle

    Good product, would buy again

  23. Legal_buzzz

    Great daytime high! A few puffs and I feel good but not too dim and lazy so I’m able to get stuff done. Currently on the waitlist for another cart. Hope they get it again soon!

  24. Greenwood

    Very good cart. Strong and tastes good. Highly recommend

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