Mota BHO Bots 240mg THC (Blueberry)

(21 customer reviews)


Mota BHO Bots 240mg THC (Blueberry)


  • Blueberry
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(21 customer reviews)

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These Bhobots are made for those who require very high levels of medication in a simple, discreet hard candy. Despite their space invader demeanour, these Bhobots are actually sweet and comforting. Each Bhobot is perfectly infused with a high dose of 120mg pure THC, extracted from the finest cannabis. Package comes with two Bhobots for a total of 240mg THC. Now made with THC Distillate.

(21) reviews for Mota BHO Bots 240mg THC (Blueberry)


21 reviews for Mota BHO Bots 240mg THC (Blueberry)

  1. RojasP

    These have a bit of a bitter taste (probably from the cbd) but still are very fruity and pleasant tasting despite the slight bitterness. It’s definitely worth it for how they make you feel though. I feel very relaxed and content after eating them

  2. Arkwright7

    Awesome gummies and super fast delivery !

  3. Colderdayz

    Very potent and tasty ?

  4. Montez75

    Very well balanced gummy. Works good and has a very pleasant flavor

  5. Sharon529

    These are great gummies and I love the taste!!

  6. HHH666

    Great little gummies. Potent and delicious

  7. MendoMania

    Good strong little gummies with a nice fruity taste

  8. 4everyang

    I really like these gummies. They have a nice kick to them and good flavor.

  9. SallyJoe

    These are simply amazing!! I really like the way they make me feel and how they taste

  10. BeastlyBri

    Really awesome gummies. They have a great flavor and good effects. I definitely plan to buy more

  11. Lilyeet

    So strong but tasty ?

  12. Faust16

    Soooooo delicious ?

  13. Someone55

    I bought these to help myself feeling balanced. They’ve worked really well.

  14. SummerBreeze88

    These are great little cbd gummies!

  15. HalfSpectrum

    Very tasty little gummies ? ?

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  16. SidarthaQ

    All I can say is they’re strong and delicious ?

  17. Keepitgoin77

    I bought these 4 times before because I really like them

  18. RubyRouge

    Yum ?

  19. kushqueen333

    Diggin these gummies for sure

  20. XxxvibesxxX

    Quick delivery and a very good deal On these gummies

  21. LauraGreenthumb

    I’m very happy with how fast these arrived and how well they work. The taste is very nice also. I will definitely be buying more

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