Mota Chocolate Lover’s Brownie

(21 customer reviews)


Mota Chocolate Lover’s Brownie


  • 209mg
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(21 customer reviews)

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Chocolate Lover’s Brownie is a great option for those who have sleepless nights or deal with chronic pain. Chocolate and fats within the brownie bind with the THC, activating it to its fullest potential. Intended for high tolerance users unless divided into manageable doses. 209mg THC

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14 × 12 × 1 cm


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Carnuba Wa, Sodium Citrate, Fatty Acids and Flavours


Blue Raspberry (Indica)

(21) reviews for Mota Chocolate Lover's Brownie


21 reviews for Mota Chocolate Lover’s Brownie

  1. Dbsparkle89

    Brownie doesn’t taste too bad. Easy to cut. High is great.

  2. gamilon

    These are great to take around 7 pm and then be in bed by 10. I sleep great!

  3. Josh90

    “I love brownies and this one made my day as usual. The the content was just right for me..but I would ssuggest to share it.
    Id live stashclub to make me a birthday cake with this brownie.
    Hope they do stuff like that. ?”

  4. Scef.mckenzie

    “Love getting these. I end up only eating half (at most) and I get couchlocked. They help with sleeping too, so if you have insomnia these are worth a try!
    Only complaint I have is the weed taste”

  5. ash.keithh

    Gets you high really good and it makes you calm and relaxed. The after taste is not the greatest for myself but I will still continue to buy this!

  6. Debbbbzzz

    Watch out its very potent

  7. AlexandriaB587

    Very potent and great tasting

  8. Samuel Pruden

    Amazing body high ??

  9. BuckyKatt26


    Unless you want to be locked on the couch for 6+ hours…lol I made that mistake as my history with edibles was hit or miss. Um, yeah.”

  10. adam_lukie

    High powered brownie! Big chocolate chunks with great night time effects

  11. Jonjacobjingle

    Pretty moist and with good flavour.

  12. Kyle235

    Great taste, don’t eat to much or you’ll regret it. I would recommend to others

  13. Kevnowell

    Taste is good, but not a good buzz.

  14. Remington

    Excellent brownie taste, strong so share. Start small.

  15. Adamhulie

    Tastes great but I like the weed taste and the price isn’t bad either. Nice mellow high and then helps me sleep.

  16. Obiwanatokie

    Did the trick. Ate it in 3 sittings. Very potent

  17. Faded

    Tasted great, wasn’t dry. I couldn’t even taste any weed. I ate half to start and go wrecked?

  18. nd2

    This has to be my favorite brownie hands down, the potency, the price, its stellar. please never stop selling these.

  19. Lane Michael McCharles

    Great brownie just take slice you’ll be good

  20. Joshbergen

    Only rated it good because it was top strong for me, but highly recommended for the heavier users.

  21. aclarkson

    Wish I had another ?

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