Mota Gluten Free Organic Watermelon Wheels

(18 customer reviews)


Mota Gluten Free Organic Watermelon Wheels


  • 100mg
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(18 customer reviews)

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Cannabis infused watermelon wheels are made with all-organic ingredients and pure THC extract that provide a precisely measured dose of 100mg THC, and 10mg of CBD per pack. Ingredients include: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate, Cannabis, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Natural Flavour.

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23 × 15 × 6 cm


Sugar, THC Distillate, Natural and Artificial Flavour and Colour

(18) reviews for Mota Gluten Free Organic Watermelon Wheels


18 reviews for Mota Gluten Free Organic Watermelon Wheels

  1. Brenda19

    Did I say I love these?

  2. taylorladams

    good for me as i’m quite small but overall really great product !

  3. Mhweldon

    Love the taste

  4. SG_87

    Every order I make here will include this product. It covers all the bases. Great high, great taste, great value.

  5. UnicornJinx

    Really nice taste and effective. A new favourite, for sure!

  6. MagicbearSentMe

    each piece has wildly variable dosage, neither of which is really a great option.

  7. chronotronic

    These gummies are tasty! For advanced smokers I’d recommend eating a few, good thing their cheap eh? But my wife only has to eat 1-2 and has a great night.

  8. rtdanielle

    “This was a new purchase for me. Very glad I bought it, flavour is strong.
    Works like a charm!!”

  9. Tarallis

    A bit ever few hours helped my back

  10. Sir_G

    Tasted ok. Gave a decent body high.

  11. codyives95

    Worked exactly as intended

  12. BrookeLayne

    If you are sore, or even need that extra boost to help you sleep. These edibles are perfect. They taste just like the real candies and are amazing. Was impressed.

  13. libbyd

    helps calm me down (i am high strung) and also helps me sleep. I wish it was full spectrum vs whole spectrum (i.e. use cbd isolate to bump up the cbd content) but at least it isn’t an isolate like most gummies (far inferior form)

  14. Heartleica

    The taste is weird, but the value is undeniable.

  15. Tirnoch

    There is no after taste like so gummies i have tryed amd they have a nice effect whem the kick in. Id recommend trtimg these for some ones first time just cut in half if never tryed edibles.

  16. AdrienJabbour

    So far I’ve only tried half of a watermelon one and it’s had a pretty quick effect after 45 minutes. This is the real deal.

  17. Heartleica

    To me, It feels like how 5-7mg of cannatropic or twisted extracts would feel like. I would say if it’s your first time with edibles, having one of these is probably a good starting point. But to anyone that takes it more than a few times a week, I think you would find these too weak.

  18. Katy

    These are a great top up gummy. Best tasting gummy

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