Mota Tarantula Gummies

(21 customer reviews)


Mota Tarantula Gummies


  • 100mg THC 10mg CBD
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(21 customer reviews)

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10 Delicious Tarantula Candies!

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23 × 15 × 6 cm


Sugar, THC Distillate, Natural and Artificial Flavour and Colour

(21) reviews for Mota Tarantula Gummies


21 reviews for Mota Tarantula Gummies

  1. Marsmos

    Ok taste

  2. DoesBarksStillHaveBite

    Don’t worry about what other review are saying about the taste, its fine. If you want flavor, go get some jolly ranchers. If you want pain relief, eat one of these.

  3. vanillagorilla

    Started with a half dose and went to a Disturbed concert. Didn’t get too rowdy on account of the gummy but really relaxed and enjoyed the show without any neck or hip pain from my pre existing injuries.

  4. Becca Cummings

    absolutely loved

  5. Peach

    get a good night’s sleep and helped with my OA would order again cause they work well for pain

  6. Oilers29

    Very good quality.

  7. nd2

    This has to be hands down my favorite CBD product, every time i get them the quality is consistent. I can feel the effects very soon after consumption. they relive my tight back at the end of the day like a magic wand. please keep stocking these. I will keep buying

  8. Cara Wilson

    The dosage is great. I take a bite of a segment, size of bite depends on pain levels. Flavour is good but you do get a hint of Weedy-ness. It’s Not terrible. The larger the dose I take the more my throat feels it. Effects come on slow and easy. I slept, longer than I usually do, with this. I am usually lucky to get 3 consecutive hours a night, 5 or 6 total. I slept for 4 hours, straight through, with my first dose. This is a must try for anyone with pain and/or sleep issues.

  9. Devinhymers

    Love these

  10. Zomggcats

    makes me feel relaxed and my mood increases

  11. Jo Plamondon

    Everything I expected and more. Incredible taste. Great product. Will definitely order again

  12. ADHD

    Not a favourite for taste but helps with back pain instead of taking another pill.

  13. Melanie1971

    These I will buy with every order!.Keeps my back pain at bay and takes away.the stress…

  14. Chardwick80

    Would try again

  15. ott911

    went to sleep real well yo yo

  16. Jeanoo10

    Good CBD gummies. You can feel the relaxation even with 5 to 10 mg. I liked it. I’ll try it again for sure.

  17. Cpaig

    Fantastic flavour and great product for daytime anxiety and general pain relief

  18. Hockeystar

    Amazing body high , great late night to help sleep

  19. Weed4meplz

    Very fun gummy to take. This one has the same effects as the grape (body high) but tastes better!

  20. hardlyanangel13

    love it…its a creeper lol

  21. Nocturne

    “Tastes alright
    Helps relax the muscle pains”

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