Pink Alien (AAAA)

(30 customer reviews)

Pink Alien (AAAA)

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(30 customer reviews)

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Pink Alien are a cross breed between sour Pez and Lemon Alien.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(30) reviews for Pink Alien (AAAA)


30 reviews for Pink Alien (AAAA)

  1. Douglas Mihalicz (verified owner)

    Very nice tasting, gets you there quickly.

  2. metalmanda

    I really could just sit and smell this one all day. Heaven in a bowl. Super for getting shit done around the house, but also for sitting and pouring yourself into a creative activity. Never leaves me feeling burnt out.

  3. Roccovicto

    I really love it!! Highly recommend!!

  4. Junior96

    Very nice smell and taste.. 5+stars

  5. AustinCaulier

    Some of the finest weed money can buy.

  6. meghannn

    Very nice, smell is great and buds are soft and springy

  7. noirtree

    Classic and strong! Smells amazing and the high is intense… start slow and build up!

  8. Jeremyisadore

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on some for a little while now.. this is my favorite strain to date

  9. Bee27

    a glorious weed dream. Taste is fruity and not harsh to smoke. The high is intense in an awesome way. You feel super creative and expansive. My go to.

  10. Dko1989

    One of my favorite strains. Great euphoric feeling and potency.

  11. Damageplan

    Amazing weed. The description pretty much nails it… Pepper/Spicy/Cloves Great light taste with a great buzz. Just like other people say… this is some of the best weed in the world… A must try! Highly Recommend!

  12. metalmanda

    I really enjoyed this for daytime use, and would definitely purchase again. Really helps keep my focus while working on creative projects, or just doing housework.

  13. Miamoyaert42

    Love to use this during the day when I am going to be going on a house cleaning spree or really any activity. Makes me feel so light and happy, great for my anxiety.

  14. Dennisp74

    This is a fantastic smoke and an excellent high

  15. werbiskil

    This gave me a really nice high and felt really good for daytime use, would buy again

  16. Jamiemo

    One of my favourite strains overall

  17. rhyleymaster

    Smooth af from the bong. A great head high, I feel’t a faint body high

  18. Cannamom

    A little snoozy. I was expecting a more awake high. Still was good product that came quickly. Best for watching Tv.

  19. Rosegold

    I am absolutely obsessed with this strain! Amazing taste and amazing feeling!

  20. Jean Robert Fournier

    Such a great high and taste you can’t go wrong with this one! ?

  21. McRed

    Very potent stuff! Not too energy draining. Did a fair bit of laughing under its influence. Was hoping for a bit more euphoria, but a very good buzz none-the-less.

  22. reefer316

    This stuff is amazing gave nice long happy high, taste was great, have not laughed so long or as hard while smoking this also gave nice relaxed for working. Will be getting again for sure.

  23. Jb335

    Great smoke

  24. Nicfoodio

    The high is intense, which is great, but damn the taste is insanely delicious. If you have not yet tried this wicked bud, ad some to your cart, you will be happy you did, trust me.

  25. Daniel Tsu

    This is a great smoke and an excellent high

  26. ruthless

    Excellent quality relaxing euphoric

  27. WizzleC

    this is my bf’s fav. when i ordered it the first time he said ‘we need more of this’ but it was sold out for what seem’d like a loong time. the smell is amazing

  28. Pat Cassidy

    Great product! Very different fragrance (not so weedy). Vapes really well in my VLeaf with a totally unique taste and almost no odour. Will buy again.

  29. Ruts

    Very very good stuff, I literally zoned out and enjoyed an nice relaxing night on the couch after a miserable day.. Highly recommended

  30. Selina

    It’s relaxing but I feel more energized.

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