Pink Kush Syringe

(23 customer reviews)


Pink Kush Syringe


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(23 customer reviews)

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Pink kush full profile full spectrum 78% RSO! A powerful heavy hitting Indica!

(23) reviews for Pink Kush Syringe


23 reviews for Pink Kush Syringe

  1. Mark Barbour (verified owner)

    High quality RSO, strong flavour but pleasant. Works well for helping to sleep, very relaxing.

  2. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)

    Belle textures

  3. Blake Morrison (verified owner)

    Outstanding. I take this before bed. Just a few drags and it does the trick. Beautiful sleep and fantastic dreams. Wake up feeling like a new man.

  4. Richard Fortier (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite type of bud or concentrate pink Kush is always good! I will be buying and recommend it to people that like strong stuff.

  5. TristanLec

    This is great if you need cbd and thc.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  6. daabii

    Held up nicely. Smooth on short hauls, long hauls get coughy. Very excellent

  7. MoniaR1969

    No pain at all and I slept like a baby. I use it orally and it really does the job!

  8. Smelanie23

    This is amazing for a deep and heavy high that will help you decompress, fall asleep, aide in menstrual or arthritic pain, help with appetite stimulation, etc.

  9. Tommyh77

    Great oil. Very thick though

  10. HDS78

    Had a good high. Not a great taste thi.

  11. Peter Qumaluk

    Tell me more of what’s on the shelf?

  12. WolferSteve

    Got a nice buzz

  13. Eddie46

    Nice taste. Mild head buzz. Very good for joint pain relief. Lasts 3-4 hours

  14. Bugzy

    “I absolutely love this stuff add a few drops to any meal nice buzz great taste and the best
    part it takes away the pain”

  15. Treeant34

    “Pretty smooth for an RSO…
    Definitely good for pain…
    Pretty cerebral buzz…
    Ya don’t need much…
    Wish they sold this in ounces…
    Get it before it’s gone…”

  16. Puddlejumper

    For chronic pain management sleep issues and anxiety suppression. Very thankful these products are available

  17. Tyleryounie

    I love these, great efficient high and tasty flavour

  18. parafemmenalia

    Barely psychoactive but very effective at helping me manage my pain! Will definitely be repurchasing for daytime use.

  19. Puddlejumper

    Third time ordering this and very pleased.

  20. Xillix

    Amazing medicine, can’t say enough about it, quality, consistency was really good, taste is left to be desired but it is medicine.

  21. MinDz

    First thing first! This one have been purchased to treat an immunodeficiency disease for my wife. So don’t expect to get high with this product.

  22. deek10

    This is a really good product really helps me threw the chemo and gives me a bit of an appetite. Highly recommend

  23. Joanassie Kasudluak

    Really good stuff when smoked on hotknifes 2 thumbs up

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