Purple Rockstar (AAA)

(50 customer reviews)

Purple Rockstar (AAA)

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(50 customer reviews)

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Rockstar Kush, also commonly called “Rockstar OG” by medical patients, is an indica strain created through a cross of the insanely potent Rockstar X Bubba Kush strains.

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(50) reviews for Purple Rockstar (AAA)


50 reviews for Purple Rockstar (AAA)

  1. Douglas Mihalicz (verified owner)

    I like this product, just the right strength.

  2. Timbit (verified owner)

    de loins le meilleurs a mon avis,parfait pour relaxer et finir la journée,mon préférer pour le moment

  3. Timbit (verified owner)

    Excelent ,vraiment le meilleurs pour relaxer et m’aider pour dormir en fien de buzz

  4. Packerfan (verified owner)

    Long lasting full body bliss

  5. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Nice buds that taste great and take you to your happy place

  6. Timbit (verified owner)

    Very good, very sweet with a little fruity taste, I really appreciate the product

  7. HomegrownOG

    Good buzz nice and mellow. couch locked smoke red eyes and dry mouth munchies. Good burn good kush. Lemony fruiy piney smell.

  8. Smelanie23

    I was really surprised by the fruity fragrance and taste of this strain, and enjoyed rolling it to. Burns nicely, and is good for a conversational high.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  9. Bridgieboo16

    Smooth taste and fantastic buzz. Worth the price!

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  10. Deuxtruites

    really is a great strain , will definitely buy again !!!

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  11. Selina

    It’s ok but not strong enough for me.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  12. Rectifier

    Very easy to smoke this one and I find the flavor is really nice

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  13. blaed1381

    Great for before bed

  14. SirSparky

    I would give this more stars if I could! The appearance is dark green with lots of tiny pale orange hairs and CAKED in thc crystals that sparkle in the light. The smell is amazing. Sweet fruity notes enveloped in pine with faint diesel, yum! The flavor is sweet and piney, with a hashy, sugary aftertaste. I would say more punchy than banana! The high begins quickly, building for two minutes into a sativa-esque cerebral blast that immediately starts to melt away into the body. Relaxation time but without the trappings of heavy indica! Giddy, silly, curious, creative and enamored with the awesome wonder of nature and existence. GREAT for depression, good pain relief, good for socializing, making art or lounging. A word to the wise: go easy on it or the lazy-making indica effects will crush your soul and banish you to the couch!

  15. bballjoshydude45

    Who has more of this!? Laughing, but half serious.. There isn’t much that i DONT love about this strain.

  16. R4PP4

    Happy, relaxed feeling. Good for relief of anxiety and stress.

  17. THUMPER710

    I am amazed of how great this wonderfully magic plant Cannabis is…the holy grail of medicine..thank you Lord Yahweh!??

  18. Feltcha

    “Only takes a puff or two, hits fast and is a nice mix of mind and body. I find I can be semi social if done right, not always overly productive, but functional.
    A nice safe bud for me. Would order again.”

  19. Matrick

    We enjoyed this purchase very much. The taste was fantastic and smooth. Good high.

  20. parafemmenalia

    Tasted waaay cheesier than I was anticipating, and that really effected my experience because it tends to linger.

  21. DaimoMac

    It puts you in that mindset and allows the ideas to flow.

  22. WinnipegTim

    After trying buds from many different online dispensers I was so happy to receipt this beautiful bud. It’s perfectly cured, tasty AF, and the aroma is out of this world. Definitely adding to my regular rotation

  23. petelajal

    This is a good product, we enjoyed it very much.

  24. Murrsky

    Was recommended from friends to try this strain. It is honestly great tasting, almost refreshing

  25. pjplamondon

    This is very nice weed. Super nice high and great to work with. Keeps energy high and smooth to smoke.

  26. Joby42

    Super euphoric buzz that is hard to match once you have smoked this!

  27. Jman92

    After smoking the euphoria doesn’t hit till about a minute after. Excellent strain to have around after a long day or just want an evening for hanging. Super awesome.

  28. Crampz

    Loved this one. Great high, even for a high-tolerance gal’ like me. I would say this has been my favourite bud

  29. Wm81

    Always an amazing high!!!

  30. Goodgamer3

    Very nice euphoric feeling from the blue dream, absolutely uplifting and energizing with the sun!

  31. WestCoastK8E

    Melting into my chair

  32. TaraAj

    Loved it during the day. Easy to get stuff done.

  33. dchea

    The high is not bad but I wasn’t a fan of the taste. Probably won’t buy again.

  34. Chonie

    I found it to be a good functioning day strain. I didn’t feel anxious, paranoid or foggy. I enjoyed the taste

  35. Dev1lslettuce666

    Looove this flower for night time use. Very relaxing

  36. Bigpapax68

    I really enjoyed this strain it helped me focus while easing all of my pain.

  37. SS805SS


  38. CatalinaBreeze

    Other than being a great chill-out Indica, this strain takes muscle relaxation to the next level. You can feel the tension all over slowly release as you settle into the buzz. The perfect nightcap.

  39. Floridagator79

    Wounder full chill high kinda wanna chill but really wanna do something active taste smooth didn’t cough all in all a nice buzz will be getting more definitely

  40. Lindsaymayfield

    Smoothest joint ever! This is so good.

  41. OfficialBudReviews

    First of all this strain is beautiful. Being Fully coated in trichombs, with small bits of purple and and orange hairs. It gives off a nice head high but an even better body buzz. It helps perfectly with those who have depression and anxiety and is 100% recommended.

  42. Poserowdale

    There is no way to put this other than this strain made me high as balls and happy as a clam. First product I’ve ever bought from Ilera but I will definitely be buying it again! I felt so happy and euphoric, and then it gently brings you back down and starts to mellow you out. Not the greatest night time strain, but if you have a quiet day at home, this is an AWESOME strain. Just beware of dosing because this stuff is potent.

  43. Rushman

    This is my first review and reason being I just had to say something about how amazing this strain is. It is smooth to hit and buzz comes on quick. Has a hint of fruity with floral? After two drags I felt this sudden relaxed yet uplifted mindset sink in and whatever I was thinking before got erased and replaced with positive fibes and what am I going to do with this great buzz.. Perfect for depression or bad attitude situations. Body was relaxed, nerves calm, pain was an afterthought. It made me laugh at the stupid shit. It seems a little rare so share the love keep it coming.

  44. BilehKush

    Fire Nice Buzz and very stimulating to the Brain

  45. Kelsx7

    It’s not too strong and it is one you can relax and wait for the high instead of coughing up a lung and drooling all over yourself lol, it’s a nice high you notice while smoking a few hits in. It’s really smooth and the overview of this strain is sooo accurate.

  46. BaliLife

    Straight fire..first time trying and I’m smacked!

  47. exsoloadsolem

    it is HANDS DOWN one of the best strains I’ve found for focus and productivity, and I’ve also seen some pain relief. I love this strain for busy mornings especially. And it tastes great!

  48. 2jinka

    My favorite. Very fun head high,euphoric. Awesome outdoors, very psychedelic, high def visuals… and then I’m awestruck happy. This is a fun weed but very strong!! can be mellow meditate or active. Excellent for relaxing but I don’t sleep well while using this so I will use something else to dull the head high. Then I great, super happy and super sleepy.

  49. Cathguy420

    It’s has the smoothest pine/earthy flavor I’ve ever experienced. The High is definitely Indica leaning and starts behind the eyes & slowly melts into the body with mild couch lock effect but beware if you smoke too much you will end up taking an unexpected nap. Perfect strain for after work lounging & watching tv as the stress, tension & muscle pain from the day melts away.

  50. HispafricanChef


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