Safety Meeting 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

(28 customer reviews)


Safety Meeting 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


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(28 customer reviews)

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Enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of smoking THC with our smooth and discreet smoke flavors. Inquire for current stock availability!

(28) reviews for Safety Meeting 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge


28 reviews for Safety Meeting 0.5ml THC 510 Thread Vape Cartridge

  1. BuckyKatt26

    “Try and your own risk…will put you n a comatose state.

    People might think you died.”

  2. cjharrington

    Mellow high. Good for anytime of day use. I have bought this on numerous occasions.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  3. engineermike

    A nice high too, that made my grocery shopping WAY more fun.

  4. trc1022

    Only downfall is that this brand leaks. But it’s a good product

  5. obuksus

    I will recommend this to anyone. I mainly smoke oils because it is discreet and this one seems to be one of the best I have tried so far.

  6. Skull_Krusha

    “Nice high -can control from a slight buzz to a nice high.
    Flavour is a bit strange but you do get used to it.”

  7. Margaret Diane EASTON

    Best of the best. Perfect combination of body and mind.

  8. Skunky

    Thought it was a decent puff, convenience is unmatched

  9. aliar16

    Helps a lot with sleep and pain.

  10. tjsiller

    Nice smooth high, strong stank, only recommend small doses

  11. Shmerbear

    So nice for a quick puff or two. Still able to get things done, without being zombie mode

  12. MoistNuggit

    Very tasty

  13. zaidobada

    Worth it

  14. Ragepoint

    Love anything by these guys

  15. Thebigcat

    Good buzz from this stuff just dont leave it in a hot car or it will leak

  16. Sigfodr

    Always good quality, will be ordering again

  17. ChristopherYule

    Good oil, period. I went through it too fast. LOL Tasty and gets the job done.

  18. Fleck

    Smoke was good when I finally was able to use it. Problem with the coil it came with, replaced myself and all went well.

  19. Wretchking

    Hits hard and fast and makes for a nice substitute. Very nice!

  20. Gedwa575

    Time and time again I keep coming back

  21. Kyle235

    I enjoyed the high. I let my friend have a blast, and he liked it some much.

  22. webspy

    Little hard on the back of my throat, but had new friends all of a sudden. ?

  23. Renslip2.1

    Love this cartridge!

  24. REBRIL

    Wow , this guy packs a punch , great , heavy body stone. It definitely K/O’d me

  25. Morin139

    Probably my favorite cart so far. I love how the tips are bigger on these guys allowing bigger puffs

  26. Travness123

    This is my go to for daytime use, mellow without the burnout feeling after.

  27. Krispycasey

    Oh yeah…nice uplifting high for daytime use. Discreet smell and smooth flavor. Can always trust quality products

  28. Jonny5

    It’s decent tasting and strong, would buy again if I couldn’t find my favourites

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