Sapphire OG (AAAA)

(23 customer reviews)

Sapphire OG (AAAA)

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(23 customer reviews)

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This exclusive version stands out for having little to do with other OG-derived genetics. Therefore, you will discover a high-end hybrid whose flavours and aromas are a real treat for the senses!

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(23) reviews for Sapphire OG (AAAA)


23 reviews for Sapphire OG (AAAA)

  1. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Very strong aroma and unique flavour. Almost like a baked cheesecake with a citrus berry smell. Very good effects so I would buy this again for sure.

  2. Daisydoll_99

    Yum ?

  3. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    BIG dense buds with nice crystal. Very strong aroma of sweet cream cheese with strawberries, I love it. The effect on the first draw was immediate, an upper body stone that overtakes your senses for total relaxation. It has a sweet skunky taste that is very nice. THIS IS THE BEST I’VE HAD! you have gotta try some

  4. Davidmatt10

    2 rips (four seconds each) out of a cresco disposable and i was jolted into a high i havent experience in awhile due to my high tolerance. The numb feeling is unlike most strains. I got the flower last year and it was also fuego. Overall Phenomenal strain.

  5. Free_n_calm

    I just bought an Ace. This is by far one of my favorite strains. It hits well and smooth. Very enjoyable aroma and flavor.

  6. Toker111

    So dank! I love it!!

  7. RubyDarling

    Rocking strain… quality was off the charts

  8. websgoto420

    Soooo fucking goood. Smelled slightly like grape, tasted not bad, and an Amazing (surprising fast) high when I only smoked a gram and a half. I smoke lots so that’s saying something.

  9. websgoto420

    1st time I tried this train, OMG , Instant pleasure off ONE hit and very long lasting uplifting , focused, clear headed enjoyment !

  10. Shlongzilla

    A nice strain. Keeps everyone social and hits right away.

  11. SusanMurin18

    Great strain, it makes you feel relaxed, uplifted, happy, and focused. Very nice citrus, wood, and hint of spice. Great for chronic pain. I will definitely get this again whenever possible.

  12. Ava.vencetti

    This has a great funky smell and taste to it. Very much how I remember Kush smelling. Great stuff all around

  13. MountainGold

    Balanced, felt the most comfortable talking to other people of any flower I’ve smoked.

  14. Vintageweeder69

    Absolute favorite strain. I have a high tolerance and this strain gives me a good head and body high that lasts. I can smoke this during the day but prefer it for evening.

  15. Liz-z

    This product’s affect is just as described, Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Focused, Giggly.

  16. 33eyeinthesky

    Straight gas

  17. Moye2489

    Definitely does everything as described. Truly a remarkable strain. Smooth, clear minded. Remained focused at every task

  18. PepperJames

    1st times using this. WoW this is a great high. I strongly recommend !

  19. bachrach433

    I had basically given up on the idea of ‘weed for productivity’ before smoking this stuff. God damn. Cleanest high I’ve ever had, minimal grogginess on the comedown, and inspires me to do the things I care about (and actually finish them)

  20. HB270

    Easily my new favorite! High in Terpinolene and limonene, it has one of the most unique flavors. Great job!

  21. Munchie706

    Is an amazing afternoon and relaxed high for me. Is definitely an indica dominate hybrid.

  22. kfenton70

    Smooth light fruity smoke . Easy high no couch lock . Fully alert feel quite productive. Just a sweet smoke no dispppoint.

  23. Packs2door

    I got it now its fire tampa area hit me up your missing out my buddy has some going fast

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