Super Lemon Haze (AAA)

(33 customer reviews)

THC: 25% | CBD: 0%

Super Lemon Haze (AAA)

THC: 25% | CBD: 0%

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(33 customer reviews)

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“Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
It’s a blend of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, and it has a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20.”

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Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half Ounce (14 Grams), Ounce (28 Grams)

(33) reviews for Super Lemon Haze (AAA)


33 reviews for Super Lemon Haze (AAA)

  1. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Great citrus taste, happy stuff 🙂

  2. Cathy Hall (verified owner)

    Sweet lemony flavour, smooth on the lungs, a great uppity high

  3. garrick k (verified owner)

    Great price for nice herb

  4. Cathy Hall (verified owner)

    Nice, smooth, flavourful, and great buzz – what more could you ask for!

  5. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    I loved this stuff so much I snagged another big bag of Lemony goodness

  6. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    I am a repeat customer on this stuff. It will always take you to that happy place. The smell and taste is excellent!

  7. Ralph Belvedere (verified owner)

    Excellent taste that gives me a fast long-lasting upper body buzz, comparable to Blue-dream. Uplifting and pain-numbing

  8. Jason Boucher

    ….best for daytime productivity / awesome smell and taste

  9. Jamiemo

    Definitely one of my favourite strains. Will be purchasing again

  10. Funkycrazy

    Love it! A Lot!

  11. Robert Morningstar

    this might be the first negative review for this strain so maybe its just not for me, I find its not very strong and it dosnt have that real strong come on of a high, very slow and gradual and just dosnt seem to do much, again everyone is very happy with this strain but it just dosnt do the job for me, i like the buds where it feels like a tank just hit you after a bong rip, that immediate just ran into a brick wall oh my god im stoned feeling.

  12. skidoo

    Good high stay stone for long time good for puffing

  13. skidoo

    Good weed nice joints

  14. UndeadAlien

    This one is one of my favorites, great for hiking, or just really long walks during a sunny day.

  15. XPTran

    Great Sativa. Increases your mood to be social, happy and talkative.

  16. Umbro

    One of my favorite tasting strains!

  17. Stéphane Tessier

    Ho la la!!! Strong and good high! The trim is perfect. The taste is absolute! Top quality stuff! I will buy again for sure.

  18. BALLHAWK87

    one of my favourite sativas , if not my favourite , tastes great, strongly recommend to anyone in search of a sativa

  19. Iamboudah

    I order multiple strains each month and this one is always in my top 10

  20. ihyaaaatg

    Yum yum yum. Fantastic weed to fall asleep to, very good taste.

  21. ataylor5116

    Awesome bud! smells and taste amazing and no burnout so great for daytime use. Nice strong high.

  22. benjcksn

    Absolutely dreamy tasting bud when vaped and gives a strong euphoric feel. Does not make you hungry so if thats what your going for this is the one for you!

  23. Burzey

    I’ve purchased this straight multiple time and I LOVE IT! legit the sweetest smelling bud ever and the taste is otherworldly. great daytime straight.

  24. aaron moniz

    Product smelled great smaller buds looks like bottoms not one big bud in an oz. Thats almost impossiblemtells me its all bottoms,then the smoke to follow burns black and hard to burn a full bowl with out holding your lighter there inhaling gas.

  25. Muhlbeier

    Great taste, excellent high, perfect for daytime use, and smells like candy

  26. Alex Harvie

    A fantastic go to bud from club. Very pitebt sweet smell and incredibly smooth, tasty smoke. Recommend for day or night it wont let you down ever.

  27. JesseSena

    Great taste, excellent high, perfect for daytime use, and smells like candy. Love this one

  28. Disolve.decay

    Damn! Off the charts if you havent tried it you need too

  29. Michelle1978

    This weed was excellent. Didn’t put me to sleep (as some strains do) and was smooth all the time!!! I will definitely buy this again.

  30. eso7l

    Definitely one of my favourite strains. The buzz just happens to agree with me; it’s euphoric, clean, functional and perfect for an afternoon with no burn-out.

  31. kelvinlangee

    Love this one. smells overwhelmlingly sweet

  32. Darkstar308

    Wonderful smell and quality is top notch. Wont be last time purchasing.

  33. joshdaniel

    I was never really into smoking before, but this strain really gave me a great high and now I’m buying a lot more. I did get little paranoid sometime but overall it was a really good experience and it smelled – like pine, very earthy.

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